Ultimate Gut Healing Green Smoothie - Paleo and AIP friendly

Chelsea Lye

Posted on September 11 2019

Ultimate Gut Healing Green Smoothie - Paleo and AIP friendly

Snack planning is key to success for healthy eating, especially for people who are on the go. It's important to be set up for success!

We’ve all been there; it’s mid morning and blood sugar levels are dropping.  You check the time… 10am.  Your breakfast was hours ago and lunch is hours away.  You need a pick me up now before you get really “hangry”!!

Now imagine you reach into your bag to pull out a delicious and satisfying green smoothie.  As you sip your smoothie you feel your blood sugar balancing, mood improving and brain functioning properly again.  You are ready to sail through the rest of your morning.

I commonly hear people say that after having a smoothie they are ravenous again shortly afterwards. This often happens when a smoothie contains too much sugar and not enough fat!

Making a healthy smoothie requires the same building blocks as making a healthy meal or snack.  I coach clients to aim for all meals and snacks to contain some fat, protein and carbohydrates.  Done properly, a smoothie should be a small meal in a liquid form, effectively keeping blood sugar levels stable between meals.

Many folks find it helpful to prepare their smoothie the night before, making it part of their evening routine so they can just grab it in the morning and go.

Here is a simple smoothie recipe that promotes gut healing, is easy to digest, will keep blood sugar levels balanced and is paleo and AIP friendly!


1/2 banana

1 large handful of spinach

1/2 avocado

3/4 cup of papaya

2 tbsp. collagen powder

Optional: a few sprinkles of cinnamon

water (start with a ¼ cup, blend together, add more if needed until desired consistency is reached)

Benefits of ingredients:

Improve Digestive Health, boosts energy, loaded with Potassium, enhances mood, affordable, good Source of Manganese, improve Kidney function, support heart health.

Contains high levels of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, aids in detoxification, protects against Cancer, stabilizes blood sugar, helps to maintains healthy vision and brain health and supports bones.

Improves digestive health, high fiber content, improves hormonal balance, benefits cognitive function, aids in weight loss, protects against Cancer, improves skin, eyes and hair, reduces risk of metabolic syndrome.

Contain enzymes that improve digestion, promotes proper digestion, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-Cancer properties, slow signs of aging, enhances heart health, fights viral infections, can prevent macular degeneration.

Collagen powder:
Helps repair leaky gut syndrome,  reduces joint pains and degeneration, improves liver health, strengthens nails, hair and teeth and boosts metabolism, muscle mass and energy output.

Helps to stabilize blood sugar and adds some extra sweetness and flavour'


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