Why I created an online supplement shop

Hello friends!  Chelsea here, your hostess, resident nutritionist, and creator of our supplement shop. I thought it would be appropriate to write a brief post about WHY I created an online supplement shop and why you may consider shopping with us instead of, say, Amazon or the health food section of your grocery store!

My fascination with nutritional supplements began back when I was learning about them in school. I was equal parts amazed and disturbed—amazed to understand the science behind the healing power of herbs and nutritional supplements and disturbed by the number of low-quality products on the market.

I have personally witnessed the healing power of nutritional supplements during my own healing journey and with my clients. I've learned so much along the way and become extremely passionate about getting high-quality supplements into the hands of people who need them (at reasonable prices)!

Here are the main reasons why I created an online supplement shop and why I believe it can help a lot of people! 

1. Sourcing high-quality supplements is difficult unless you are educated on what to look for

 I can tell a lot about what is going on with somebody health-wise by looking at their supplement regime. I've noticed that folks are often on the right track with some of the supplements they are taking, but the actual product they have chosen has poor forms of the vitamin or nutrient that they are targeting.

There is a LOT to look for when it comes to sourcing safe and effective nutritional supplements. Aside from looking for more obvious things like the product being free of common allergens like gluten, dairy, and soy, there are many factors that need to be investigated.

What fish are used in the fish oil, and has the oil been checked for heavy metals? Are the B vitamins in an active form that can be used by the body? Are the strains used in the probiotic studied and proven to be effective? Is the magnesium good quality or a cheap form that may cause GI discomfort? There is a lot to consider and research when it comes to sourcing the best supplements.

The beauty of shopping in a supplement store designed by a nutritionist is that I have done all the research for you! The selection has been thoughtfully chosen to include effective nutritional supplements of the highest quality in the most available forms for your body. I got you 😉. 

2. High-quality supplements are expensive, and I love to give deals and make things a bit easier 

The statement 'you get what you pay for' is true. So is 'invest in your health now or pay the doctor later'… not sure if this one is an actual saying, but a client said it to me the other day, and I could not agree more!

However, the struggle is real (especially during these times). Many people with chronic health conditions are particularly impacted financially by not working as much or at all.

I love extending discounts to people, and the only way I could do this was to create my own shop. I used an online dispensary for a while to get professional-grade products to clients, but due to the need to pay a third party I was not able to discount product very much.

Because our shop is online, our overhead costs are low. And as a Nutritionist I am able to open professional accounts and purchase the products directly from the manufacturers at wholesale pricing.  This allows us to extend discounts to our favorite people.. YOU!

Our shop is free of sales tax, and our newsletter subscribers save 10% off their purchases with a unique code they receive when they sign up! We are also able to do other promotions and flash sales from time to time 😊 

3. Immune Stimulants in supplements can cause flare-ups in symptoms for those with autoimmunity

 If you have been around here for a while, you have likely learned about how immune stimulating herbs and compounds in nutritional supplements can be problematic for those with autoimmunity.

First time hearing about this?  Here is the very short story; immune stimulanting herbs and compounds may result in a flare in autoimmune process for those with autoimmunity, increasing the immune system's attack against its own tissues! To learn more about immune stimulants and their effect on autoimmunity, sign up for our newsletter for an 'AIP supplement caution list' free download.

As someone with an autoimmune disease, I was never informed to be cautious of immune stimulants in supplements until I took the AIP coach training. I had seen many health care practitioners (conventional and holistic) and was never warned about it! Looking back, it makes so much sense why I felt worse after taking certain supplements like Spirulina and Ashwagandha. I wished that there was more awareness and a shop I could have used to show me which supplements were immune stimulant free! So why not create one?

When deciding which supplements to offer in the shop, I started by choosing a well rounded, immune- simulant free selection.  The goal was to have a comprehensive offering that would meet the needs of most supplement protocols without immune stimulating ingredients.  Once this selection was complete,  I carefully added some supplements which are beneficial to those without autoimmunity that do contain immune stimulants. 

I would also like to point out here that not everyone with autoimmunity will react to all immune-stimulating herbs and compounds, and for many, these herbs and compounds can be helpful for their healing.  Those following the AIP are advised to remove all supplements containing immune stimulants while in the elimination phase.  Once a baseline of health has been established and reintroductions are underway, immune stimulating herbs and compounds can be added in as reintroductions. 

Our shop offers a selection for everyone, those with and without autoimmunity.  Those in the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol can see at a glance which supplements are compliant with the AIP (over 90%!).  Those with autoimmunity who are doing reintroduction can consider adding in supplements containing immune stimulants.  And those without autoimmunity will benefit from the entire selection, knowing their supplements are of the best quality and allergen-free.

4. I love cheering you on and helping you get on (and stay on) the right track!

To get you on the right track, whether you are new to supplementation or you are looking for feedback on your current regime, I offer a free supplement consultation!

This complimentary service is for YOU if;

-you are interested in supplementation and are looking for guidance from a professional.


-you are already taking supplements and would like feedback on your current regime.

So these are the reasons I created an online supplement shop, and I am so grateful to be able to share it with YOU and your family!

I really appreciate your being here and for supporting our families' small business. I am always thrilled to answer any questions you may have; please never hesitate to reach out!

Hi, I’m Chelsea Lye, CNP!

I’m a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, AIP Coach and Yoga teacher showing you how to balance your hormones and reverse autoimmunity naturally.

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